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The regular user meetings (currently held every other month) are intended as a platform for exchange of information between the users, the coordinator for Scientific Computing and the IT services. Users (or their representatives) are invited to raise questions or mention problems about the use of the HPC facilities at these meetings. Important information, e.g. about an upcoming maintenance, will be announced at these meetings.

The dates of the meetings and the minutes of past meetings can be found below.

User Representatives

Each working group using the cluster should name a representative to participate in regular meetings. The representative is responsible for distributing the information from the meetings with the group(s) they represent and is the point of contact for the coordinator for Scientific Computing.

Currently the following persons are listed as user representatives:

Faculty Institute/Department Unix-Group Representative
II Informatik agdistsys Robert Schadek
Wirtschafts- und Rechtswissenschaften agbwp Florian Berding
agccu Fernando Penaherrera
V Physik agstatphys Daniel Nickelsen
agcondmat Nils Krüger
agcompphys Peter Werner
agest Caterina Cocchi / Holger Saßnick
agfieldtheo Stefan Krautwald
agqbl Ilia Solov'yov
agultra Lars Englert
agenmet (fw) Björn Witha / Gerald Steinfeld
agfluiddyn (fw) Leo Höning
agtwist (fw) Ivan Herráez Hernández
Biologie aghydrogeo Janek Greskowiak
agplantgenetics Joachim Weber
agplantbiodiv Eike Mayland Quellhorst
Chemie und Biologie des Meeres agphysocean Karsten Lettmann
agcomplexsys Matthias Schröder
agmsys André El-Ama
Chemie agmolchem Gül Özpinar
agcompchem Rainer Koch
agtheochem Robert Röhse
Mathematik agappanalysis Hannes de Witt
agnumerics Nick Wulbusch
VI Psychologie agancp David Richter / Christiano Micheli
agbiopsych Carsten Giessing
agpmspsych Andrea Hildebrandt
agneuropsych Patrick Dömer
Medizinische Physik und Akkustik agmediphys Jörn Anemüller
agmedirp Andreas Schönfeld
agml Felix Willenborg
agsigproc Henning Schepker
Humanmedizin aghumangenetics Christoph Jüschke
agpsychiatry Dirk Scheele
AI4Health agaifh Nils Strodthoff
FG Fraunhofer IWES agiwes (fw) Cherif Mihoubi

(fw): These groups are part of ForWind.

Please contact the coordinator for Scientific Computing[1] if you want to add or change information about the user representatives. Any change will also be applied to the mailing list (unless otherwise requested).

Mailing List

A mailing list has been created to simplify contact between Scientific Computing and the user representatives. It is used mainly to send information about the user meetings but other information can be passed as well (e-mails to the list are moderated to avoid traffic). The list has the name and e-mail address

If you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe you can send an (empty) e-mail to


Please also contact scientific computing if a change in the list of user representatives listed above is required.

Dates and Minutes


Meeting 31.03.2023: Invitation / Minutes / Slides
Meeting 30.06.2023: Invitation / Minutes


Meeting 18.03.2022: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 24.06.2022: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 30.09.2022: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 16.12.2022: Invitation / Minutes / Slides


Meeting 26.02.2021: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 25.06.2021: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 24.09.2021: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 10.12.2021: Invitation / Minutes


Meeting 27.03.2020: canceled due to corona virus
Meeting 28.06.2020: Invitation / Minutes


Meeting 29.03.2019: Invitation / Minutes and Storage Presentation
Meeting 28.06.2019: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 27.09.2019: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 13.12.2019: Invitation / Minutes


Meeting 26.01.2018: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 23.03.2018: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 25.05.2018: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 28.09.2018: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 07.12.2018: Invitation / Minutes


Meeting 03.02.2017: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 31.03.2017: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 09.06.2017: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 15.09.2017: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 24.11.2017: Invitation / Minutes


Meeting 29.01.2016: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 18.03.2016: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 27.05.2016: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 15.07.2016: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 23.09.2016: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 25.11.2016: Invitation / Minutes


Meeting 30.01.2015: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 27.03.2015: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 29.05.2015: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 17.07.2015: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 25.09.2015: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 27.11.2015: Invitation / Minutes


Meeting 28.03.2014: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 23.05.2014: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 25.07.2014: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 19.09.2014: Invitation / Minutes
Meeting 05.12.2014: Invitation / Minutes