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The following list of How to ... will be expanded continuously. Please contact Scientific Computing to suggest a topic or if you would like to write a How to ... for others.

  1. Manage a large number of jobs: Often, you may need to run many nearly identical jobs. There are different approaches to achieve this goal with minimal effort ... (read more)
  2. Use job dependencies: SLURM offers the possibility to submit jobs depending on already submitted jobs. This functionality can be useful in some situations ... (read more)
  3. Manage I/O and Data: The size of data files being used on the cluster has increased significantly over the past years. Working with files with sizes in the order of Terabytes requires careful consideration of I/O and data management ... (read more)
  4. Support fair-sharing of the HPC resources: The HPC cluster is a shared resource used by many researchers (more than 150/year). Unfortunately, it is also a limited resource, so it is important that the sharing is done in fair way...(read more)