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The PGI Compilers is a commercial compiler. To see the available versions of the Intel Compilers type

 module av pgi

which currently shows

 -------------------- /cm/shared/uniol/modulefiles/COMPILER ---------------------
 pgi/12.10 pgi/13.10

To load the module of your choice type e.g.

 module load pgi/13.10

The commands for the available languages are

Name Description
pgcc C compiler
pgCC C++ compiler
pgfortran Fortran compiler


  • moderate/good performance for C, C++ and Fortran code
  • OpenACC is implemented (extension for simple usage of accelearators like GPUs)
  • GPU computing supported (e.g. CUDA)
  • Fortran extension coarray implemented


  • slow compilation
  • not free
  • newest standards may missing
  • OpenACC not a common standard

PGI Accelerator Suite addons

Within the PGI Accelerator Suite several tools and libraries for debugging, profiling and analyzing of program code are included:

  • ACML (AMD Core Math Library)
  • OpenMP/MPI debugger pgdbg
  • OpenMP/MPI profiler pgprof