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MariaDB is an enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL, the relational database management system.

Installed version

The currently installed version is available on environment hpc-env/6.4:


Using MariaDB

If you want to find out more about MariaDB on the HPC Cluster, you can use the command

module spider MariaDB

This will show you basic informations e.g. a short description and the currently installed version.

To load the desired version of the module, use the command, e.g.

module load hpc-env 6.4
module load MariaDB

Always remember: this command is case sensitive!

Since MariaDB is a fork of the MySQL database management system, most of the commands from MySQL are transferable. So get a detailed overview about the commands available, type in:

mysql --help
and / or
mariadb_config --help


To get more information about MariaDB, visit the project homepage.