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In the following table a list of the license servers for different software is given:

Servername Port Environment Variable Software 27000/2325 ANSYSLI_SERVERS Ansys CFX (ports for variables SERVER/ANSYSLI_SERVER, respectively) 27016 MODELICAPATH Dymola/Modelica 27005 IDL_LMGRD_LICENSE_FILE IDL 27003 Numerical library IMSL 27010 INTEL_LICENSE_FILE Intel Cluster Studio 27002 MAPLE 27001 MATLAB 7733 NAG_KUSARI_FILE NAG libraries 27006 Origin visualization tool 27007 PGI Compiler 27000 PWID_LICENSE_FILE Pointwise/Gridgen mesh generator 27000 or 35472 CDLMD_LICENSE_FILE Star CCM 27011 TCad