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Iso99 is a simple post-processing tool suitable for THETA-results. THETA results can be analysed in a simple manner without any format conversions.


First it needs to be checked whether iso99 is already available in the THETA version. Therefore, check taudir/src/addons for isoplot99. If it is not there, Björn Witha ( can provide the necessary .tar file iso99.tar.

Set-up on FLOW

In case iso99 was not initially in the taudir-directory, untar it

tar -xf iso99.tar

make the following patch (note that this patch might be also necessary in case iso99 was initially in the taudir)

sed -i "s/fl_drw_box/fl_draw_box/g" isoplot99/canvas.c

add it to the addons and compile it via

mv isoplot99/  taudir/src/addons/
cd taudir/
make iso99

Now, there exists an executable called iso99 under taudir/bin/ ready for the post-processing of THETA results.

Usage on FLOW

Keeping to the Sloshing_Tank example as taken to introduce THETA, invoke iso99 with

[<Username>@flow Sloshing_Tank-S-L2]$ ~/taudir/bin/iso99 ~/Theta_Test/Grids_1/tank.grid 
PATH.pval.374 PATH.pval.748

Afterwards, the IsoPlot99 window opens. Select variables like pressure or velocity by clicking on (none) and make the solution colorful by clicking the circles on the left next to the bar.

Both solutions are shown on the grid. Of course it is possible to only show one solution. Note that the first input parameter has to be the primary grid as specified in the parameter file.

Via Plot/Cut plane or Plot/Boundary mask a different cross section can be selected or the boundary mapping can be checked. It can be checked whether the Markers for the boundary mapping are correctly set in the parameter file.