Installing Maple

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working procedure (Easybuild only for module)

  • Download Maple<version> or similar from UOL software portal
  • run the installer (downloaded file) with option --mode text and answer questions:
    • installpath: /cm/shared/uniol/software/generic/Maple/<version>
    • license server and port: and 27000
    • no Matlab support
    • for the rest default values
  • run ebgen --module-only Maple-<version>.eb to generate module file

Only Easybuild procedure (does not work)

There is an easyblock for Maple, however it does not work for the 2022 release. Tried to adjust the qa part and also the cmd by adding the option --mode text. See files in /user/erle1100/Easyconfig/uniol/m/Maple


There is a campus license available for Maple, however there are only 25 licenses available.

The current license does not support older versions of Maple, so older installations from before 2020 were removed from CARL.