Installing MATLAB

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How to install Matlab on the cluster

First step: Download MATLAB. To get access to the download you need a free MathWorks-Account. (Fynn and Stefan both have access, but the licensing is linked to Stefans account)

The downloaded package has to be transferred to the cluster and unzipped at our sourcedir.

The installation has to be done manually via the GUI (./install) , the module file (20xxx.lua) has to be generated afterwards. The installation-procedure is mostly self-explanatory. At the first installation step, the licensing has to be done via inserting the license credentials (for this we need to use Stefans mail address because the license is linked to his account.) Choose the 'Academic' license. Click through the next installation steps, (set the usual installdir) until you have to insert the license file. There you have to set the following path:


Now the installation can start and could take many hours to process.

At the end, make a copy of an existing .lua-file and modify it until it fits the new version.

Activating the new version

For the new version get the new license from stefans MathWorks account: (license number 664271) under install and activate click get license file. Ask the ServiceDesk to install the file at