Installing Gurobi and License Renewal

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Download the software

The software can be downloaded after logging in to

The credentials can found the KeePass Database.

In the download section, select the Gurobi Optimizer and download the latest stable Linux release.


If the license has expired, you can follow these instructions to open a ticket. The license ID is 118477. Usually, the license is renewed within one day. You can check the progress in the support section of the website (if Stefan is not available to forward his e-mail).


Installation is simple, as there is an Easybuild eb-file (along with some easyblock, I think). Worked like a charm last time I tried (for version 9.1.2). I used the SYSTEM-toolchain version, another version exists with GCCcore which adds Python as dependency (to replace the Python included in Gurobi). In the eb-file, the location of the license file has to be edited to


This file contains the address and port of the token server as:

License Server

The license server can be accessed from erle with

ssh gurobi

using the following setup

$ cat .ssh/config | grep -A4 'Host gurobi'
Host gurobi
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa_gurobi
    User root

Once you are logged in you can install a new license according to the documentation. What should work:

  • download current version of Gurobi, then unpack and change symlink for current version
$ mkdir /opt/gurobi/X.Y.Z   # replace X.Y.Z with version, e.g. 9.5.2
$ tar -zxvf gurobiX.Y.Z_linux64.tar.gz -C /opt/gurobi/X.Y.Z --strip-components 2
$ rm /opt/gurobi/current   # remove existing symlink
$ ln -s /opt/gurobi/X.Y.Z /opt/gurobi/current
  • get new license file, move to current directory and restart token server
$ export HTTPS_PROXY=""
$ /opt/gurobi/current/bin/grbgetkey 74b22a38-2191-c6cf-e4b1-56d70cd01e09  # check key on web site
$ cp gurobi.lic /opt/gurobi/current   # if needed, also change port to 27001
$ /etc/init.d/gurobid restart  # or stop and start