Installing Fluka

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Fluka can be downloaded from however an account is needed (SH has account information).

Fluka is only usable for a limited time period. Fluka user will request the installation of a new version if the current version stops working.

Installation of fluka-2011.2x (minor release number is ignored) with self-written (by SH) eb-file (see ~erle1100/InstallationPackagesCE/8.1/PHYS/fluka):

  1. First attempt failed, eb-file (ecxtension .eb-build) may be useful for future releases though. Problem was that flukahp executable was not working (floating point exception and core dumped). Probably due to too old glibc.
  2. Second attempt was to use the rpm. Steps taken:
    • create a tar-file from the rpm
mkdir fluka-2011.2x
cd fluka-2011.2x
rpm2cpio ../fluka-2011.2x-3.x86_64.rpm | cpio -i -d
rm -r etc
mv usr/local/flukagfor/* .
mv usr/local/share/doc/fluka/ ./doc
rm -r usr
cd ..
tar -zcvf fluka-2011.2x.tar.gz fluka-2011.2x
    • install with eb-file which includes postinstall commands to patch the binary flukahp:
postinstallcmds = [
   'cd %(installdir)s && patchelf --set-interpreter $EBROOTGLIBC/lib/ flukahp 
    && patchelf --set-rpath $EBROOTGLIBC/lib flukahp && export FLUPRO=%(installdir)s && export FLUFOR=gfortran 
    && flutil/ldpmqmd # && chmod -R o+u flutil && chmod -R o-w flutil'