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This section will be elaborated later and then provide much more detailed information. For the time being, we only give a very brief overview.

The following compilers and MPI libraries are currently available:

  • GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection: gcc Version 4.3.4
    module load gcc
    This module is loaded per default if you log in to the system.Supported MPI libraries: OpenMPI, MPICH, MPICH2, MVAPICH and MVAPICH2
  • Intel Cluster Studio 2011, formerly known as Intel Cluster Toolkit Compiler Edition (contains the Math Kernel Library and other performance libraries, analyzer, and HPC tools):
    module load intel/ics
    The environment for the Intel MPI library must be loaded separately:
    module load intel/impi
    The Fortran compuler is invoked by ifort, and the C/C++ compiler by icc. However, if one wants to build MPI applications, one should generally use the wrapper scripts mpif77, mpif90, mpicc, ...
  • PGI Cluster Development Kit, Version 11.3: contains a suite of Fortran and C/C++ compiler as well as various other tools (MPI debugger etc.):
    module load pgi
    . Invoked by pgf77, pgf95, ... and pgcc, pgcpp, ... for FORTRAN and C/C++, respectively. Again, wrapper scripts exist for building MPI applications.
    Supported MPI libraries: MPICH, MPICH2, and MVAPICH.

(At the moment, MPICH and MPICH2 have problems running under the queueing system and thus their use is not recommended, but that problem will be fixed soon.)

Is planned to extend the MPI support for various compilers. In particular, OpenMPI will soon be available for the Intel compiler, too.


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