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Canu assembles reads from PacBio RS II or Oxford Nanopore MinION instruments into uniquely-assemblable contigs, unitigs. Canu owes lots of it design and code to celera-assembler.¹

Installed version

The currently installed version is available...

on environment hpc-env/8.3:

  • canu/2.1.1-GCCcore-8.3.0

on environment hpc-env/6.4:

  • canu/1.8-foss-2017b-Perl-5.28.0

on environment hpc-uniol-env:

  • canu/1.7-intel-2016b

Using canu

If you want to find out more about canu on the HPC Cluster, you can use the command

module spider canu

This will show you basic informations e.g. a short description and the currently installed version.

To load the desired version of the module, use the command, e.g.

module load hpc-env 8.3
module load canu

Always remember: this command is case sensitive!

If you loaded the canu module loke shown above, you can just type in ...


... to get some basic information about how to use canu.


The full documentation can be found here.