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PyTorch is an open source machine learning library based on the Torch library, used for applications such as computer vision and natural language processing, primarily developed by Facebook's AI Research lab (FAIR. It is free and open-source software released under the Modified BSD license. Although the Python interface is more polished and the primary focus of development, PyTorch also has a C++ interface.[10] PyTorch provides two high-level features:

  • Tensor computing (like NumPy) with strong acceleration via graphics processing units (GPU)
  • Deep neural networks built on a tape-based automatic differentiation system ¹

Installed version(s)

This version is installed and currently available

on environment hpc-env/8.3:

  • PyTorch/1.4.0-fosscuda-2019b-Python-3.7.4
  • PyTorch/1.6.0-fosscuda-2019b-Python-3.7.4
  • PyTorch/1.7.0-fosscuda-2019b-Python-3.7.4
  • PyTorch/1.9.0-fosscuda-2019b-Python-3.7.4
  • PyTorch/1.11.0-gcccuda-2021.06-conda

on environment hpc-env/6.4:

  • PyTorch/1.0.1-foss-2017b-Python-3.6.3

Loading / Using PyTorch

To load the desired version of the module, use the command, e.g.

module load hpc-env/8.3
module load PyTorch

Always remember: this command is case sensitive!

If you want to find out more about PyTorchon the HPC cluster, you can use the command

module spider PyTorch

This will show you basic information e.g. a short description and the currently installed version.


You can visit the softwaree page to get more information like documents and tutorials