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Welcome and Introduction
Day 1 Morning Lecture: Introduction OpenACC I
Day 1 Afternoon Lecture: Introduction OpenACC II
Day 2 Morning Lecture: Advanced OpenACC
Day 2 Afternoon Lecture: GPU-enabled Numerical Library

Quick Guide OpenACC

Modules to load:

module load PGI CUDA-Toolkit

Command to compile:

pgcc -acc -ta=tesla:cc60 -o executable code.c

Command to run:

srun -p mpcg.p --gres=gpu:1 ./executable

Alternatively use partition cfdg.p.

More info in the OpenACC Introduction.


To copy data from the course directory:

cp -r /user/gilu2568/<dir> .

For profiling first get allocation:

salloc -p mpcg.p --gres=gpu:1

Create a script that runs an application, e.g. in the sincos example

module load hpc-uniol-env
module load PGI
module load CUDA-Toolkit
./sincos $@

Start the visual profiler in the background

nvvp &

Find out hostname for allocation

srun hostname