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Intel provides a bunch of tools that help to develop, analyze and optimize parallel codes. These tools are:

  • Threading Building Blocks (TBB): Intel TBB is a widely used C++ template library for creating reliable, portable, and scalable parallel applications.
  • Inspector: Intel Inspector XE is an easy to use memory error checker and thread checker for serial and parallel applications.
  • VTune: Intel VTune Amplifier XE is a performance profiler for C, C++, C#, Fortran, Assembly, and Java.
  • Advisor Threading design and prototyping tool for software architects for C, C++, C# and Fortran.

Please see the individual pages for details. You can also use the command module spider to get more information about the tools and to find the installed versions. In case you are missing a tool in your preferred environment (e.g. hpc-env/6.4) you can contact Scientific Computing.