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Installed versions


module spider IQMtools

to find out which versions are installed.

Note that the modules have no purpose other than allowing you to find the versions. If you load a module with

module load IQMtools

you will see some instructions telling you what to do (also see below).

Using IQMtools

To use IQMtools you need to load a module for Matlab. It is probably best to load the module that is given in the version suffix of IQMtools, e.g.

module available IQMtools
---------------- /cm/shared/uniol/modules/bio -----------------

in this case MATLAB/2017b.

Next execute the commands below to start MATLAB and set the path for IQMtools:

matlab -nodisplay
>> olddir = pwd;
>> cd('/cm/shared/uniol/software/IQMtools/');
>> installIQMtools
>> cd(olddir)  ; to get back to the previous directory

After that you should be able to IQMtools, e.g.:

>> model = IQMmodel()

The MATLAB commands should also work in a batch job created with MDCS.