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Managing your Group

On this page, we have documented tools you can use to manage your HPC group on the cluster. These tools are intended mainly for the head of a group but anyone in the group can use them. Therefore, the head of a group can delegate the management of the group to another member of his or her group.

All HPC groups are listed here and there are regular User Meetings to which every group is invited to send a representative. If you would like to add or change information regarding your group, please contact Scientific Computing anytime.

Group Cluster Usage

The command report_group_usage can be used to find out how many core-hours have been accounted for your group. The data is updated on a monthly basis. At the moment, only core-hours are reported, in the future the share of your group in the cost of Scientific Computing will be estimated as well.

The tool has a few options and a short description can be obtained with the --help option:

$ report_group_usage --help
     report_group_usage [options]

Report the group usage of the HPC cluster.

  --version   show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit

  Available options:
    -m        Show usage per month in addition to total
    -u        Include usage per user in output.
    -g GROUP  Specify group for report (admin users only).
    -y YEAR   Specify year of report.

Example: to get a report for the year 2018 including the usage per user, the following command can be used:

$ report_group_usage -u -y 2018
=                                                                      =
=              Usage Report for group hrz on cluster CARL              =
=              ------------------------------------------              =
=                                                                      =
=          Year: 2018     Months: Mar-Dec                              =
=                                                                      =
=          used Core-h total:       78372891.8 (79.1%)                 =
=                       CARL:       50355215.0 (89.7%)                 =
=                       EDDY:       28017676.8 (65.1%)                 =
=                                                                      =
=                                WallClock [h]     (%)      #Jobs      =
=     ------------------------------------------------------------     =
=      hrz                              3650.4  (0.0%)        860      =
=        |__ erle1100                     61.0                 26      =
=        |__ erma7540                      1.3                  6      =
=        |__ lees4820                   3550.8                736      =
=        |__ lozi7895                     35.7                 88      =
=        |__ tugo5116                      1.7                  4      =
=                                                                      =

The report shows you the name of the group (yours) and the associated cluster (CARL or EDDY) in the head line. In addition, the year and the available months are reported. The year can be changed with the option -y YEAR, all months will be reported for that year. The monthly data will be available at the beginning of the following month.

The next three lines show the total number of core-hours for all users (in total and separately for CARL and EDDY) and the percentage with respect to the available core-hours (number of cores times hours reported).

Finally, a table with the core-hours (column WallClock) used by your group is printed. The percentage is with repect to the total core-hours of the associated cluster. The last column shows the number of jobs. The details in the table depend on the options given. In the example, the option -u is specified, so the cpu-hours are shown in total for the group as well as per user. The option -m can be used to get a monthly listing (with or without user details). The default is to print only the total group usage.

Note: Currently (Jan 15th), data is available for Mar-Dec, 2018, and Jan, Apr-Sep, 2017. If possible, data for Oct, 2017 to Feb, 2018 will be added soon. More recent data (from Jan, 2019) will be generated monthly. Note: A prediction of the share of the cost for Scientific Computing will be added later to the tool. The basic share (the part only depending on the core-hours of your group) can be already estimated easily with tool (and it is likely, that there will be no additional share).